Could there be a problem with your tree? Have you noticed a change in the color of your tree without any other reasonably obvious reason? This is a sign that some tree work is needed. Over time, a tree’s growth becomes more rapid and extensive than it is able to cope with. When growth becomes out of control and the tree is unable to survive, large branches may break off and fall. This is a dangerous situation as falling branches may fall on people or animals. Before it does this it may come crashing down to the ground if it is significantly trimmed back. This is when it is a good time to call Walnut Creek Tree Service company.

If you are concerned about these potentially dangerous situations and want to add life to your tree, you need to know your tree’s hobby habit. The hobby habit will tell you what to do or what not to do to give your tree a boost. For example, a tree that needs a lot of suns may look great if people walk all around it, but not if it’s in shade for most of the day. When shopping, you may find that there are simply too many plants for your tree to support. There are specific varieties, such as mistletoe, that need a minimum of sunlight. If you find one you love and can fit it in your budget, give it a shot. For when and other conditions are being evaluated, consult with a professional arborist. This person will know the best way to meet your tree’s hobby habit needs.

Using a tree to fulfill some sort of aesthetic needs could be considered over-pruning. A tree may look fine and a lot less cramped if it’s a mass of branches, no matter what the size of the tree, the quality of the soil, and other factors. On the other hand, if the tree is utilized to support construction, remodeling, or tree industry business, you would keep the branches around even if they have to be trimmed. Your tree care expert will know how to look for any reasons that can cause a branch to fall and how to determine the safety of the tree. If the local landscaper allows branches to be removed, he can use a tool called a ‘trimmer’ to brace the branch that is about to fall. Trimming a tree is extremely dangerous and should only be done by those who are certified to trim trees. Using a trimmer to secure a branch is much safer than using a chainsaw to sever the tree from its roots. Many accidents are caused by not trimming properly.

Another situation that may see a tree needs trimming is if it is growing through a low area. This can be caused by soil erosion, overgrowth, or improper cutting. The problem is that when a tree is inadequate in supporting its weight the low area becomes the structure’s weak point. To determine if this is causing the tree to weaken, an arborist can distinguish the structure’s phase of growth by examining the trunk. There should be more than a noticeable difference in the length of the trunk with each season. If the tree starts out with a thick trunk and then loses it’s after a few short years, the new growth will be much different in comparison to the previous season. They can also tell this by observing the damage to the tree such as peeling leaves, dead flowers, or dead branches. If you leave the path of destruction of the tree, it may also become overly large. This usually indicates that it has outgrown its area. Keep in mind that you should not try to build the structure of your trees to a point that they become too large, as this would cause them to stand too close to your home or building and thus be more susceptible to damage during strong winds.

The same example would be a tree that starts to grow too high and then lose its branches. The large branches that were once useful to support and facilitate the tree’s growth now pose danger to the people who are close by and are potentially injured if the branches come down. So always be sure to check the direction of the tree when you want to learn how it might grow or if it might grow to be too large.