Antibacterial ingredients: steam cleaning is known to effectively kill bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that can penetrate carpet fibers. With a temperature way above water’s boiling, steam is capable of eliminating bacteria, germs, deodorize, disinfect, and kill any pests hidden deep inside your flooring. Walnut Creek Carpet Cleaning uses steam cleaning to clean carpets as well as kill harmful microbes.

No respiratory irritation: The high temperature also kills microorganisms, which is why steam cleaning is used to treat medical instruments like human scraping films in surgery theaters, sterilization plates in hospitals, and surgical instruments in operating rooms, sterilization booths, doctor scale [ plugs] due to increasing use, and metric gauge for measure everything from barstools to RESC stretch finally met their match — a cleaner-room in a spectrum of colors.

Consistent High Heat: The high temperature is known to provide a consistent level of heat to shoulder joints for a more consistent dispensing in carpet fibers. Having hot tap water on your carpet is much, much less than steam which is an enemy to carpet fibers.

No issue with expeditions: When researching steam cleaning associates keep in mind that no matter how long one waits, the heat is never, ever gradual. It makes sense that when you affect a change in your own home, the impact can be felt immediately by those that move in or from the carpet.

No time consumption: Steam cleaning is known to be as quick as it seems as soon as you turn on a valve. The hardest part of the process is waiting for the water vapor to dry so that you can disinfect your carpet. The messes that develop motor grease or even odors are rather easy to prevent, and in most cases, maintain.

No chemicals: The best science to say that chemicals must be used in the steam cleaning process is that it is friendly to the environment and travels into the air, not the vapor itself.

No risk of toxic fumes: The steam is intended to disinfect carpet fibers and any other areas in or around your home. It is designed to be a cleaner and a disinfectant carrier with no resulting risks.

Consistent temperature: Carpets stay cleaner longer when steam is used to clean their carpets. Understanding a soap film requires water to break down this film, but the steam produces bubbles which break down the film and leaves your carpet looking and smelling clean for as long as possible.

No need for equipment: For independent contractors and general individuals, the steam cleaning process does not require you to purchase any other tools. The tools are already included in the steam cleaning equipment kits.

No chemical preparation: Some of these complete packages include the specialized steam cleaning equipment you need to provide your newly cleaned carpet with a thorough and sanitized treatment. Drying the carpet with steam allows for faster drying time after the treatment.

Better air quality: Extensive studies done by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have shown that steam cleaning can greatly eliminate the presence of potentially aerosolize contaminants. The EPA considers hot water extract of steam as the most effective method available.

No harm to pets: As opposed to dry-cleaning carpets, steam cleaning your carpet will not allow within their fibers pet dander, bacteria, or other air-borne contaminants.


No drying times: Why is it so important that you use a steamer to get your carpets dry? Because all carpets and depending on your climate, carpets need approximately 12 hours to dry and a lot more for those that will be exposed to direct sunlight. Steam cleaning carries out a single process that requires very little drying time. Therefore, no matter what time of year it is, your carpet will be thoroughly dried.

No damage to your carpet: Steam cleaning will not damage your carpet by spraying chemical water, detergent, or bleach on the carpet. These methods may cause residue build-up or fading of certain colors.

The heat is non-caustic: In addition, to clear away dirt, steam cleaning takes away dust particles from carpet fiber but it leaves the carpet fibers uncompromised. The method also helps to eliminate many other allergens and pollutants from carpet fibers, including live soil, mold spores, bacteria, and dust mites.

Again, the heat of the steam only requires water to be sprayed on the carpet, and then it is sucked up out of the carpet using a hot water extraction machine to remove dirt and other soil particles.